3Day Military Diet

Don't be discouraged by the meal plan. 

Don't be discouraged by the meal plan. 

I had to repeat that over and over. But at least these pictures looked nice and simple enough. 

Someone introduced me to this 3-Day diet that was supposed to be difficult (it was), yet very effective in weight loss (and it was). When I searched about it, many people said it was a quick weight loss from 10-20 pounds, but it wasn't easy. I decided to try it with my husband Eddie. 

First, this diet wasn't planned by any branch of the military, or promoted by them. It's simply named for the basic and strict regimen of your meal. Second, many people that tried this recommended to not exercise. Since you were not going to consume as many calories as the norm, doing a normal exercise was not recommended.

Shopping for this was decently fun, mainly because Eddie was excited to get some Blue Bell Ice Cream. We don't ever stock ice cream in our freezer, or any sort of sweets really. I think the ice cream was what roped him in to try this diet with me. I made sure to start the 3 Day challenge on work days, since I would want to roam around the kitchen for snacks if I were home on any of those days. 


 DAY 1

Eddie and I were dreading the beginning of this day. It was mainly one thing: grapefruit. We both hated grapefruit, but we were both determined to start this off right. So we sat down for breakfast together and hunkered down the half grapefruit per person, and spread the peanut butter on our toast. 

Just half. Just half

Just half. Just half

Lunch wasn't so bad. It was more tuna that I thought when I took smaller bites and time to eat it. I drank hot tea for both breakfast and lunch. I was hungry, to be sure, especially when I work in a restaurant and everything delicious went right by me most of the day. I was sure I whined a few times, rethought the whole challenge, but stayed true and didn't fudge. Whew. 

Dinner was also more that I thought, with the full cup of green beans and an apple. We each ate 3oz of poached chicken breast and the half banana was a treat. Eddie wolfed it down just so he could get to the ice cream. I felt like I was fine without the ice cream honestly; I was full, so I ate half a cup instead. Yay, success!


The best thing about this diet was that people kept reminding me how short it was, especially Whole30 was such a big challenge. After lunch of this day, we would be halfway to the finish line. Breakfast was typical, with one egg on toast and half of a banana. I wasn't looking forward to cottage cheese, in which Eddie didn't mind, but I was definitely excited about the hot dogs for dinner.

Photo by lenochkasv/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by lenochkasv/iStock / Getty Images

One cup of cottage cheese for lunch was plenty, but limiting for five saltine crackers sucked. The one boiled egg seemed like a bothersome item, but I stuck through. I was full, so was Eddie, and I found that cottage cheese was actually really yummy. However, I was rethinking this whole process after lunch. My body was aching, and my headaches were insistent all day. Some people encouraged me that we were already half way there. Half way. Ugh, but this was difficult.

Dinner was plenty today. With broccoli and carrots, along with the two hot dogs (I wish I had ketchup) and half a banana. We both happily ate ice cream, but my headaches wouldn't go away after I took it easy after dinner. It was quite frustrating. I decided to do my normal exercise routine, even though the diet suggested a light exercise, if at all. 


Photo by Rostislav_Sedlacek/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Rostislav_Sedlacek/iStock / Getty Images

I was not at all excited about today's lunch, being just a toast and a boiled egg. I stared at that picture over and over. I woke up today, knowing that we would have the worst lunch among these few days, but I felt sick. It was a new cycle of headaches, and I felt weak. No, not making excuses, but we decided to put this diet on hold. I didn't have much energy, but I don't think it was because of this diet. A few people at work were under the weather, and I was sure that I caught some sort of a bug, or even a flu.

Yes, I feel like a failure, but I also feel I can complete this challenge in the future. The meals aren't so bad, except the third day lunch, but I have managed to lose six pounds. Six pounds! That is a huge success for me. Even though I felt sick on the third day, I was excited for the pounds lost and how much my total loss would have been if I stuck through on the third day. Next time, I promise!


  • Make a shopping list and stick to the shopping list. Try to ONLY buy these items even though you may have meal planned for the rest of the week. It really does help you mentally prepare to ONLY eat these items. 
  • You can use salt and pepper. And I definitely took some advantage on the eggs.
  • Doing this diet with someone was really helpful. When I felt really hungry, I would call Eddie and he would simply shrug and said he was fine. Somehow the urgency of me needing to eat lessened. 
  • Eat slow. Enjoy the items listed on each meal. It helped with tricking your mind that you're eating more than what you have in front of you. 
  • Drink lots of water. 
  • Plate your dish wisely. Thinly slice your half banana and fanning them out on the plate was actually helpful. That mind trick again.