Bratislava, Slovakia (or better yet Slovenske)

We were on our own for lunch during the Slovakia part of the tour. The town center was bustling with tourists and locals, and we were starving. There were many shopping areas and definitely many cafes and restaurants. Most had outdoor seating, and most were quite busy. We walked around a bit, somewhat hesitant on making a decision because we were there for only lunch in this beautiful city. We wanted to make sure we picked the right place.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia


And we did.


The place is called Napojovy Listok. Well, ok, I think that was the name. Either way, we sat outside, and looked at the tables around us. Everything looked so appetizing, and we just took a shot in the dark and randomly ordered. It was either going to be marvelous or backfire. We were so glad that we did, because it was amazing. I had the potato pancakes with smoked cheese, served with sour cream and scallions. My husband Eddie had pressburg-style beef specialty roasted in aluminum foil, served with baby potatoes, mushrooms, and cabbage.

I could eat these two meals over and over. The service was great, and the wonderful food rounded our lunch so nicely. Thanks to Bratislava, I enjoyed the trip so much. And here’s a glance at the menu.