Cookbook Challenge


A great friend of mine, Cattie, and I love to cook and try out new recipes. We are often wowed by so many choices on Pinterest or any food magazine that grabs our attention. As I look through my row of cookbooks, I realize that only a few recipes has been tried in each one. And I am still wanting to buy so many other cookbooks.

Why am I not exploring all the recipes these books have to offer? Surely there are some that I can tackle. So then I decided to do the One Girl, One Cookbook, where I need to make every recipe from a cookbook, one book at a time. 

ms - greatff.jpg

Cattie and I then decided to give ourselves a cookbook challenge. We would pick a cookbook, and between the two of us, make every recipe in that book. Much like my One Girl, One Cookbook, except this time I have a partner! Two girls, I guess!

The first book we chose was Everyday Food: Great Food Fast. From the kitchen of Martha Stewart Living. Below is a blog of out trysts, good and bad, and what we thought of the recipe. Let's see how long it would take us to go through this entire book.


Recipes From the Cookbook




Sloppy Joes