I wanted a great burger, somewhere in town, and a place we have yet to experience. Lately there had been many published “Top 10 Burgers You Must Eat” lists in Houston, ranging from Burger Guys to Bernie’s Burger Bus. Cottonwood was on a few list, and it was a choice between that or Hubcap Grill and Beer Yard. Cottonwood won for this time around, since it was opened later. Not only was it known for the burgers, but also the wide selections in draft beer, as well as the ambiance.



Cottonwood was a large place, with mostly outside seating. We were grateful for the large parking lot, as well as the vibrant feel of it. Most of the guests were young adults, plenty of flirting sororities and fraternities. It sat right by a park, and welcomed dogs in the large seating areas. It was way too hot to join the fun outside, some patrons were even playing washers, so we opted for a table inside.

We found one rather quickly, and it was busy. I could talk about how the service was great, unlike many reviews I’d read online, but let’s dive into the food. The menu wasn’t particular small, nor were there that many options. But the main attraction was the Squirrel Master Burger, which had a poblano-stuffed beef patty, pepper jack cheese, jalapeno fried egg, and bacon. Even though each one of those things could be the star of this burger, the bacon was what gave me the most punch of greatness. It was thick, sweet, and complemented the overall spice from everything else. The small fries were also great, but the burger could definitely stand alone. It was worth every penny.

We also tried the Salmon Deviled Eggs, which were great, but didn’t stand out any more than others. Their appetizer Onion Rings also included poblano peppers, along with the onions, and they were huge pieces instead of silly strings. The only disappointment was the Daily Fried Pies, in which most other reviews praised them. We ordered Apple Fried Pie and Cherry Fried Pie, the two options they had that night, and they came out burnt. While they tasted alright, served with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream, I couldn’t get past that the crusts were so charred that it didn’t give the reviews any justice.

All in all, it was a great burger place, as well as a hangout place for those who don’t mind it becoming more of a pickup place. The prices were also just right for a fun night and awesome food, just don’t dip your hands on the Fried Pies.