PLEASE NOTE: This place has closed.

The varieties of dumplings were great, but the overall feel of the dishes were only subpar. I kept thinking this, and I kept wanting to like Dumplings N More in Sugar Land, TX. Let me backtrack this a bit, we decided to try this semi-new place and went on an early Sunday night. We were the only people there, and while I was a bit intrigued about the varieties of dumplings this place had to offer, along with many other Chinese dishes, it just didn't feel...well...fulfilling. 

We opted for boiled chicken and cabbage dumplings, in which came out quickly. We each received a 2oz dipping sauce, which wasn't enough for the 12-piece dish. Boiled dumplings, I thought, was the stepchild of all the other dumplings. Pan-fried or steamed would have been better, in which they had, but I wanted to try the boiled ones. While they weren't bad, they weren't exactly great. I continued to think of the word subpar. There was something about when Eddie asked me what I thought about the food, I just shrugged.

Boiled Chicken + Cabbage Dumplings

Boiled Chicken + Cabbage Dumplings

We also ordered scallion pancakes, which looked and tasted ok, but it was quite misleading. First, I enjoyed scallion pancakes in general, but this came out to be more of a roll/bread dish. The menu gave us a selection of pork, chicken, or veg, something like that I now couldn't recall, but the server said it came with all three. The menu also said it came with 2. 


I guess I shouldn't have assumed, but I imagined 2 thin pancakes filled with goodness. Instead, we got this rolled bread item that barely had any meat in it. The minced fillings were barely there, and even though the bread itself was warm and soft, it wasn't quite enough to chalk up to the $6.95 charge. 

Not satisfied with both dishes, we ordered a simple chicken fried rice. It came out quick, looked quite appetizing as it tasted just like any other fried rice. The price of $9.95, however, did not match to the amount of flavors that I was comfortable paying. We may return to this place to give the steamed or pan fried dumplings a try, but it would be a stretch to really convince us. We tried three dishes that did not rise up to the occasion of the cost, and that was enough for us to try elsewhere.