These are my adventures in almost all things food: recipes, restaurants, and just food talk. Sriracha is me, and ketchup is my husband Eddie. He is the usual tester for my many cooking attempts. From my obsession with reading cooking magazines and cookbooks to wanting to try every single restaurant that I come upon, I'm finally getting to combine the writing, the cooking, and best of all, the eating.

I have gathered recipes that I've enjoyed here.  The are also recipes where I took the wrong turn somewhere, or I simply felt it didn't work out so well. I welcome tips, advice, pictures, recipes, anything that will make my love of food and cooking grow and grow.




Plenty of recipes had been listed here, and I had attempted them all. Some I had failed, some were excellent, and some fell in the middle. Either way, I get oh so excited going through past recipes, and even more excited of all the ones I get to play with in the future.


Places to Eat

By no means am I a restaurant critic because there are some things I'm not brave enough to try. But I love to eat and I love to write, and combining those two things plus living in Houston, where it is a mecca of delicious restraunts, I'm simply wowed by all that Houston has to offer. So here are some entries I have written about some restaurants.


Oaky Eats

Food and more food, lol! Here's just a blog about my approach to eating, cooking, checking out different restaurants, and everything in between, including working in a family restaurant. Can you tell I love food that much? Lol. Thanks for stopping by!