Hubcap Grill & Beer Yard

Hubcap Grill & Beer Yard


A place like Hubcap Grill and Beer Yard was our next choice into trying out a different burger joint. While my heart was still with Lankford’s and Burger Guys for Best Houston Burgers, I was looking forward to yet another one to join the list.

First, being in Houston and going to Hubcap Grill on W. 19th St wasn’t wise. Not because of the food, but of the Houston heat. The little indoor room on the side was even hotter. The lack of breeze or even icy cold water made us opt for the soda bottles or beer bottles. They had a lot of options on the menu: burgers and specialty fries, as well as a long lineup of beers. The meal would have been enjoyed more if it weren’t for the heat. But that was our own fault, not Hubcap’s.

There are many mouth-watering burger options, such as Cheeto-Burger or Quadruple Heart Clogger. I narrowed it down to Frito Pie Burger or Greek Burger, and Philly Cheesesteak Burger would have been in the running if I’d paid enough attention. I read a review not to try the Sticky Burger, because the peanut butter didn’t go so well, especially in the heat we were in. I chose the Frito Pie Burger and it looked magnificent. I was even more excited that they used what I call “high school nachos cheese.” While that may really turn away some burger enthusiasts, the combination of that, chili, Fritos, and pickles made it worthwhile. The burger was great, not greasy at all, and was filling. I kept thinking that if they used brioche buns, this would go on the top of the list. But hey, that was why Best Houston Burgers had more than one place on the list. 


There were fries options, then there were specialty fries option, and we went for the Greek Fries and Hell Fries. The Hell Fries deserved its own spotlight. It was quite delicious, and a great amount of spice. Hubcap used fresh cut potatoes, fried to the right amount of goodness, sprinkled with cayenne and chili powder, Sriracha mayo, and jalapenos. But be warned, spicy fries and the Houston heat didn’t combine well.

Go check this place out, or the one downtown, if you want some creativity for burgers and fries.