I Get Crafty Sometimes

Sometimes I get crafty, lol, especially lately with pocket letters. In the world of planners, stationary, Hobby Lobby VS Michael's (vs Blick?), there are so many outlets of crafts I have been intrigued by. I'm drawn more toward paper crafts, such as the aforementioned pocket letters or flip books, rather than sewing or crocheting. Either way, crafting is a hobby that can be so satisfying to me, similar to cooking or eating; and it doesn't seem to stop evolving. 


And I can't ever seem to stop buying stickers, planner-related items, read about bullet journal, and the worst and best of it all: washi tape. Washi has become a worldwide phenomenon. It's just a roll of beautiful tape, similar to masking tape, that can be reused. There are swaps all the over world, people sending different designs of around 18"-24" wrapped on a plastic playing card. It's the baseball trading card world of crafts. 


Washi tapes have themes: floral, geometric, movies, etc. Endless themes, actually. Bright and muted colors, different sceneries and designs, the collections are breaking the bank for me definitely. There are sales all the time, as well as cheaper ones off AliExpress or Wish, and I don't think the washi obsession is fading any time soon. 

OK, enough for me for today about the whole new world of crafting!

Pocket Letter Swaps