Pocket Letter Swaps

I have 4 pocket letters to make! I somehow put myself to swap with 4 different lovely ladies for some pocket letters. I'm actually really excited about it!

Most of the times I ask for a surprise pocket letter, meaning whatever theme/color of their choice. And I would love the same for me while I make theirs. That way, I can use some of the craft items I already have and save some money. My office area looks like a tornado has come through while I make these PLs. But that's the hobby and fun, right?!


Here's one that I did recently, and I love love the background papers for these. The stickers were easy to find/get at Hobby Lobby (50% off!), so it was quick and fun to put this together. I don't have anymore baking or cupcake stickers or embellishments, but I still have those scrapbook papers for the base and background, so I'll most likely use those for one of the swaps. 

Anyway, happy glueing! lol

I Get Crafty Sometimes