Day 11 and 12: Food Was Winning by Rattaya Nagorski

Ammy was telling me that they (her and her fiancé Anthony) were listening to a podcast while weight loss. Simply put, you can't just workout and continue to eat whatever, whenever. What helped was that the success story from the podcast said you had to look at certain foods as "dead." Fried food? Dead. Chocolate cake? Dead. Steamed veg and brown rice? Not dead. 

Now, that was not to say to think all deliciousness as "dead." Be sensible to what you put in your body. Be smart, and be kind to the only body you have. 

I decided to hone in on this concept, and it was really difficult. You see, I love food. Actually, I don't just LOVE food, I LOVE everything about it. Cooking, eating, planning, thinking, trying, just about anything and everything about food. 

So I worked out at home during these two days, and unfortunately I let food win. So, no, the "dead" concept didn't stir this way at all. The concept made sense. It was very do or die decision on each food item, and I wasn't ready to have a cutthroat relationship in food quite just yet. 

I definitely need to get on my A game, however, because I still need to focus on my workout. I;'ve only done one day of the Couch to 5K, Week 2 challenge. Hopefully I do a full workout on Saturday, which is the 13th. 

Day 10: Still Somewhat Lazy by Rattaya Nagorski

One of my new year's resolution is not to give into my laziness. While the first week showed great strength, I buckled the last two days. I didn't want to be the typical failure after a week of a new year's resolution. I truly didn't, yet giving into my laziness was lasting into the third day in a row.

But I went. I didn't, however, give it my all with a renewed sense of tackling the workout routine. I started the second week of the Couch to 5k, which is walk 3 min, run 1 min, 5 times. Now, THAT was tough. Right when I was getting used to the 30sec runs (6 intervals), running a minute was quite a challenge. Now, I will certainly admit that saying it's a challenge to run 1 min can sound so dumb, but hey, it was tough for me. This gal didn't normally run at all. 

I also did the glutes workout routine with a friend. No workout plan for today, but I was glad to do a workout after a couple of days of laziness. Sit ups for also attempted today, and I got all but 12. 

Calories Burned: 444

Food: under 443

Day 8 and 9: Days of Shame! by Rattaya Nagorski

So all that high of working out and promising to eat better...all that went out the window during these two days! It was like a downward shame spiral. All that I huffed and puffed for during the last week was all for naught. 

This is obviously not me, but this is how I feel

This is obviously not me, but this is how I feel

This week I was unmotivated, cared less, and while I knew I needed to workout and eat better, I simply just didn't, I felt like a brat and a failure all at the same time. My will power was gone and why the heck didn't I slap myself and be better?!

Come on, Oaky, be better. Be stronger. Be centralized. Just be better. 


Day 6 and 7: Rounding Out the Week by Rattaya Nagorski

Does this even rest? A semi rest day? I have been going on such a great kick with the workout, a small rest day wouldn't hurt right? Anyway, it happened on Day 6 and onward we go. 

I rounded the week with a less intensive workout, but I still stuck to the couch to 5k plan. Walking 3 min, then run 30sec was easier this time around. The plan suggested for me to do it at least 3 times during this first week, but I was able to do it all of the five days that I worked out. There was a moment of proudness lingering inside me. I couldn't believe that running for only 30sec (5 times) could actually motivated me and propelled into believing that I could do this. 

My main thing going into next week, as I wrote in my goals, is to watch what I eat. We will see!

Day 5: Must Drink More Water by Rattaya Nagorski

Yeah, I don't look this good, but hey, it's a nice photo!

Yeah, I don't look this good, but hey, it's a nice photo!

My arms hurt. My arms hurt. My arms hurt. 

Ok, ok, I expected it, right? Since I plunged into working out and trying to eat better, muscles are going to get sore, and yet the soreness is like a victory gloat, right? But dammit, the arms hurt!

I burned even more calories today during my workout, ate healthier food, and still maintained my good moods. But yet I drank the least water this entire week so far. Eight glasses of water didn't seem to be too much, considering I'm usually moving around all day during work, but I didn't hit my goal there. And since I love, love coffee, that would take as part of my water intake, right? Either way, I must drink more water. 

Also, I really need to take some of my own photos. Using these fun stock photos are ok for now, but to really show that I'm into this, I feel like I need to start clicking away. Anyway, here was my workout plan:

Today's Workout Plan:

  • My usual Couch to 5K week 1: 3 min walk, 30 secs run, 6 times. 
  • 3 reps - glutes (Snap Fitness has a fun glute-focused machine)
  • 2 reps - seated leg curl - easy peasy. Must remind myself to up the weights next time. 
  • 2 reps - dumbbell walking lunge. I felt so silly doing this. I don't think I'm lunging as far as I'm supposed to. 
  • 3 reps - reaching sit ups.
  • 15 min elliptical

Day 4: Small Progress is Still Progress by Rattaya Nagorski


Just another sticker quote, yet it resonates so well. I have lost 16lbs and kept it off for a good while now. I'm currently at 270 lbs, and wanting to drop 80 pounds. The more I say all of this out loud, I more I feel committed to these workout plans.

Here's the Commit30 workout planner that I have been obsessing over. Just like saying the reassuring words out loud, the planner has areas where you can document small goals or rewards. It may sound so silly at first, but you are then bought into it, and fill out all the fun areas. Great motivator, I tell ya. 

Now onto my small progress, in which I met with my workout and calories burnt. So excited that I tried out some new reps as well as burning 738 calories! That's the most for me so far.

Day 4 (with one day rest) has had me getting used to those interval 30 sec runs on the treadmill. So glad that my body is accepting these little runs. But then this same Day 4 had me do 2 things that I didn't even bother. Hopefully I can attack those next week. 

Here's my workout plan today:

  • Week 1 of Couch to 5K: walk 3 min, run 30sec, 6 times
  • 15 min elliptical
  • 3 reps - 2 arm dumbbell row to side
  • 3 reps - assisted overhand pull ups. (I laughed a bit when I read pull ups. Oh my! lol. Nope, didn't even attempt at this. I did some weight lifts instead.)
  • 2 reps - cable upright row (I didn't really know how to put this part of the pulley workout system thing on. Then when I thought I could maybe play with it to see, somebody else used it the whole entire time, so I worked on my glutes instead.)
  • 4 reps - dumbbell twist curl
  • 3 reps - reaching sit ups



Day 3: Back At It by Rattaya Nagorski

Yesterday's shame became a blur. I reminded myself why I was doing this. I then became excited to plan today's workout besides my usual treadmill and elliptical. I was off from work today and told myself to not make this a bum day. 

But the food battle continued. I had leftover chicken pot pie for breakfast. Breakfast. Was I just craving into my wanting to eat anything and everything, or was I just trying to get rid of leftovers? Whatever the reason was, I didn't follow through with dinner either. I made jambalaya pasta from a packet and ate a good amount of the linguine. That just meant more carbs. Food battle was lost again today, like yesterday. 

But I followed through with my workout. I was even more elated when I saw that I burned more calories than Monday. It may not be much comparing to other people, but not being a bum today was a plus for me already. I had to keep thinking about not giving in into my laziness. 

My workout plan for today:

  • Couch to 5K regimen: walk 3 min, run 30 sec. 6 intervals. 
  • 15 min elliptical.
  • 3 reps - leg press
  • 2 reps - dumbbell walking lunge
  • 3 reps - seated leg curl
  • 3 reps - calves on leg press
  • 3 reps - leg extension

After planning this out, or rather, following a preset workout plan, I realized today was leg day. Atop of that, I wasn't supposed to have a rest day in between. Rest day is supposed to be TOMORROW, not yesterday. But my schedule didn't fit, so I just have to focus better. 

Leg days are torture days, but not for me as much. I walk around all day at work, so that's not too bad. Arms and abs are my torture instead. I have such flimsy fat arms with barely any strength. So leg days are when I shine. I learned today what "Calves on Leg Press" was, and that was sorta fun. Dumbbell walking lunge was a bit of a challenge, I never knew if my lunges were correct enough to where it would count as a lunge. But hey, better than not doing it at all!

Day 2: Rest Day Already? Yes, yes by Rattaya Nagorski

No, I didn't give into my laziness already! But my food, however...

I really need to be ok with working out by myself. I work with my workout buddies, besides my husband Eddie, and trying to coordinate workout times can be a bit scattered. Then it just so happens that Day 2 becomes a rest day for me this week. It's just scheduling conflict, but ok, I can workout by myself if I must after today. 

Photo by bhofack2/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by bhofack2/iStock / Getty Images

Rest day can certainly equals to bad eating day. But I'm trying to keep my eyes on the prize here! But as the picture suggests, I had a slice of apple pie...and a cookie. But I stayed within calories!!

That's the thing: I keep thinking if I stay within calories, that should be ok. But I need to shake that off.  Just because I'm staying within the limit, it doesn't mean I'm eating nutritious food. C'mon, apple pie AND a cookie? I knew it was a bad move, but my mind kept thinking: just stay within the calorie limit! Stay within it! 

Bad thinking. What the heck was I doing? I made a commitment to myself, and it's already bad. I took a workout rest day, but it shouldn't have meant indulge in old habits. Reboot, Oaky, reboot!

Day 1: I can & I Will by Rattaya Nagorski

Photo by bernie_photo/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by bernie_photo/iStock / Getty Images

I love quoting stickers. Yes, it sounds cheesy to do so, but it's simple enough. I Can & I Will just seems like a concrete way to approach the year of change for me. I'm part of a few Facebook journaling groups and so many people have been searching for a one-word theme for their year. Mine will be CHANGE. It just fits so well. 

I wanted to start the year off right with a no-sugar diet. While it sounded easy in my head, that approach went out the window. We had a good amount of food at home, so I wanted to cook all that food instead of throwing it away. So the no-sugar thing would have to be on hold. I wasn't about to throw half of the kitchen away. No, we didn't typically have sugary snacks or candy in the house, but the salad dressings or orange juice, I didn't want to waste money. 

Here's my workout plan today:

  • 21 minutes on the treadmill. I started to do the Couch to 5K regimen. This week, I'm supposed to walk 3 minutes, then run for 30s. 6 times. That equals to 21 minutes. 
  • 15 minutes on the elliptical. 
  • 3 reps - low incline dumbbell press.
  • 3 reps - machine chest flye.
  • 3 reps - standing shoulder press.
  • 4 reps - overhead tricep extension.
  • 2 reps - dumbbell rear lateral - NOPE. Didn't get to these!
  • 3 reps - situps. 

So I feel kind of cool planning this workout. It feels like I'm a trainer (ha ha), until I don't know what most of these workouts are and while I'm motivated now, I'm a bit skeptical I will keep up. It's silly to already doubt yourself on the first day, but I know myself way too well at this.

So, no, I don't really know how to take a panoramic picture. Especially when I was bopping up and down on the elliptical. But here are some awesome workout buddies!

So, no, I don't really know how to take a panoramic picture. Especially when I was bopping up and down on the elliptical. But here are some awesome workout buddies!


The Couch to 5K plan is actually a genius idea for people like me. I typically hate the treadmill (or any running really) because I get so bored. Music and tv don't really do it for me, and I end up running less because I'm just staring at the timer. The second it hits my designated time, I'm immediately done and will normally just give up. 20 minutes become 15 next time, then become 10, then I will just justify not doing any treadmill at all. 

But the Couch to 5k plan this week helped me out tremendously. I had a focus. Walk 3 minutes, run 30sec, so watching the time clock on the machine had a purpose. I had a game plan for the next few minutes, and the 3 minutes in between was just the right amount of trying to catch my breath and reset my plan. 

I took a screen shot of the plan from Pinterest and kept it in my phone. Sorry if it looks blurry or awkward! 

Now for the strength training, it was actually fun! I enjoyed doing all the reps and while I had to grunt and bear a few of those reps, planning it out worked well for me instead of doing random reps of random machines.


I ate what I would normally eat. I'm not a big sweets person, but I do love food. I stayed within calories, though! But what killed me today was the chicken salad with crackers from HEB. It's like crack, but I was disciplined. For now, we will see!

Let's Get Started. Eyes on the Prize, Right? by Rattaya Nagorski


Yes, immediate cliche: beginning of the year, some sort of resolution, mostly on being healthy. And yes, I jumped on the band wagon. Instead of eye rolling, I'm going into this with excitement for change and responsibility.

Let me just say this first: I'm the most unmotivated person, of whom SHOULD be the most motivated. I'm overweight, I give in into my laziness, and my will power just doesn't seem to exist. 

No excuses here, I know that I need major improvements. Is it silly to be really excited that Jan 1 falls on a Monday? My journaling bubbles are gleaming with such joy. So then I'm using that to say that planning my workout just gets so much more organized and better. I bought a Commit30 journal, the workout one, and grabbing this workout/being healthier thing by the horns. I'm taking this one day at a time, one success and failure at a time, and hopefully this gets me where I want to be.

Commit30 allows you to do a monthly goal, in which seems to resonate to me better than some other plans I have seen. Short term goals motivates me a little better; somehow I feel more inclined to be bought into it. So here's my January shoutout:


Photo by Cn0ra/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Cn0ra/iStock / Getty Images

  • Take my medicine daily. I have to take thyroid medicine, as well as Farxiga. Then there's the B12 that my doctor requires me to take as well.
  • Update all of my food intake as well as workouts.
  • Read a book by month end. This month I'm reading Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee. Not my usual genre that I read, but let's try that out. 


But my overall goal for this year:

  • Be healthier. So much easier said than done. By trying to accomplish this, I will try my best to workout 5 times a week and watch what I eat. 
  • I will be committed, stay focused, have fun, and succeed!
  • I will be honest throughout my writing of this journey. 
  • I want to start a family! We are already in our late 30s and will be married for 10 years this year! Let's get this family going!