Day 3: Back At It

Yesterday's shame became a blur. I reminded myself why I was doing this. I then became excited to plan today's workout besides my usual treadmill and elliptical. I was off from work today and told myself to not make this a bum day. 

But the food battle continued. I had leftover chicken pot pie for breakfast. Breakfast. Was I just craving into my wanting to eat anything and everything, or was I just trying to get rid of leftovers? Whatever the reason was, I didn't follow through with dinner either. I made jambalaya pasta from a packet and ate a good amount of the linguine. That just meant more carbs. Food battle was lost again today, like yesterday. 

But I followed through with my workout. I was even more elated when I saw that I burned more calories than Monday. It may not be much comparing to other people, but not being a bum today was a plus for me already. I had to keep thinking about not giving in into my laziness. 

My workout plan for today:

  • Couch to 5K regimen: walk 3 min, run 30 sec. 6 intervals. 
  • 15 min elliptical.
  • 3 reps - leg press
  • 2 reps - dumbbell walking lunge
  • 3 reps - seated leg curl
  • 3 reps - calves on leg press
  • 3 reps - leg extension

After planning this out, or rather, following a preset workout plan, I realized today was leg day. Atop of that, I wasn't supposed to have a rest day in between. Rest day is supposed to be TOMORROW, not yesterday. But my schedule didn't fit, so I just have to focus better. 

Leg days are torture days, but not for me as much. I walk around all day at work, so that's not too bad. Arms and abs are my torture instead. I have such flimsy fat arms with barely any strength. So leg days are when I shine. I learned today what "Calves on Leg Press" was, and that was sorta fun. Dumbbell walking lunge was a bit of a challenge, I never knew if my lunges were correct enough to where it would count as a lunge. But hey, better than not doing it at all!

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