Day 4: Small Progress is Still Progress


Just another sticker quote, yet it resonates so well. I have lost 16lbs and kept it off for a good while now. I'm currently at 270 lbs, and wanting to drop 80 pounds. The more I say all of this out loud, I more I feel committed to these workout plans.

Here's the Commit30 workout planner that I have been obsessing over. Just like saying the reassuring words out loud, the planner has areas where you can document small goals or rewards. It may sound so silly at first, but you are then bought into it, and fill out all the fun areas. Great motivator, I tell ya. 

Now onto my small progress, in which I met with my workout and calories burnt. So excited that I tried out some new reps as well as burning 738 calories! That's the most for me so far.

Day 4 (with one day rest) has had me getting used to those interval 30 sec runs on the treadmill. So glad that my body is accepting these little runs. But then this same Day 4 had me do 2 things that I didn't even bother. Hopefully I can attack those next week. 

Here's my workout plan today:

  • Week 1 of Couch to 5K: walk 3 min, run 30sec, 6 times
  • 15 min elliptical
  • 3 reps - 2 arm dumbbell row to side
  • 3 reps - assisted overhand pull ups. (I laughed a bit when I read pull ups. Oh my! lol. Nope, didn't even attempt at this. I did some weight lifts instead.)
  • 2 reps - cable upright row (I didn't really know how to put this part of the pulley workout system thing on. Then when I thought I could maybe play with it to see, somebody else used it the whole entire time, so I worked on my glutes instead.)
  • 4 reps - dumbbell twist curl
  • 3 reps - reaching sit ups



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