Let's Get Started. Eyes on the Prize, Right?


Yes, immediate cliche: beginning of the year, some sort of resolution, mostly on being healthy. And yes, I jumped on the band wagon. Instead of eye rolling, I'm going into this with excitement for change and responsibility.

Let me just say this first: I'm the most unmotivated person, of whom SHOULD be the most motivated. I'm overweight, I give in into my laziness, and my will power just doesn't seem to exist. 

No excuses here, I know that I need major improvements. Is it silly to be really excited that Jan 1 falls on a Monday? My journaling bubbles are gleaming with such joy. So then I'm using that to say that planning my workout just gets so much more organized and better. I bought a Commit30 journal, the workout one, and grabbing this workout/being healthier thing by the horns. I'm taking this one day at a time, one success and failure at a time, and hopefully this gets me where I want to be.

Commit30 allows you to do a monthly goal, in which seems to resonate to me better than some other plans I have seen. Short term goals motivates me a little better; somehow I feel more inclined to be bought into it. So here's my January shoutout:


Photo by Cn0ra/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Cn0ra/iStock / Getty Images

  • Take my medicine daily. I have to take thyroid medicine, as well as Farxiga. Then there's the B12 that my doctor requires me to take as well.
  • Update all of my food intake as well as workouts.
  • Read a book by month end. This month I'm reading Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee. Not my usual genre that I read, but let's try that out. 


But my overall goal for this year:

  • Be healthier. So much easier said than done. By trying to accomplish this, I will try my best to workout 5 times a week and watch what I eat. 
  • I will be committed, stay focused, have fun, and succeed!
  • I will be honest throughout my writing of this journey. 
  • I want to start a family! We are already in our late 30s and will be married for 10 years this year! Let's get this family going!


Day 1: I can & I Will