Day 5: Must Drink More Water

Yeah, I don't look this good, but hey, it's a nice photo!

Yeah, I don't look this good, but hey, it's a nice photo!

My arms hurt. My arms hurt. My arms hurt. 

Ok, ok, I expected it, right? Since I plunged into working out and trying to eat better, muscles are going to get sore, and yet the soreness is like a victory gloat, right? But dammit, the arms hurt!

I burned even more calories today during my workout, ate healthier food, and still maintained my good moods. But yet I drank the least water this entire week so far. Eight glasses of water didn't seem to be too much, considering I'm usually moving around all day during work, but I didn't hit my goal there. And since I love, love coffee, that would take as part of my water intake, right? Either way, I must drink more water. 

Also, I really need to take some of my own photos. Using these fun stock photos are ok for now, but to really show that I'm into this, I feel like I need to start clicking away. Anyway, here was my workout plan:

Today's Workout Plan:

  • My usual Couch to 5K week 1: 3 min walk, 30 secs run, 6 times. 
  • 3 reps - glutes (Snap Fitness has a fun glute-focused machine)
  • 2 reps - seated leg curl - easy peasy. Must remind myself to up the weights next time. 
  • 2 reps - dumbbell walking lunge. I felt so silly doing this. I don't think I'm lunging as far as I'm supposed to. 
  • 3 reps - reaching sit ups.
  • 15 min elliptical

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