Day 10: Still Somewhat Lazy

One of my new year's resolution is not to give into my laziness. While the first week showed great strength, I buckled the last two days. I didn't want to be the typical failure after a week of a new year's resolution. I truly didn't, yet giving into my laziness was lasting into the third day in a row.

But I went. I didn't, however, give it my all with a renewed sense of tackling the workout routine. I started the second week of the Couch to 5k, which is walk 3 min, run 1 min, 5 times. Now, THAT was tough. Right when I was getting used to the 30sec runs (6 intervals), running a minute was quite a challenge. Now, I will certainly admit that saying it's a challenge to run 1 min can sound so dumb, but hey, it was tough for me. This gal didn't normally run at all. 

I also did the glutes workout routine with a friend. No workout plan for today, but I was glad to do a workout after a couple of days of laziness. Sit ups for also attempted today, and I got all but 12. 

Calories Burned: 444

Food: under 443

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