Day 11 and 12: Food Was Winning

Ammy was telling me that they (her and her fiancé Anthony) were listening to a podcast while weight loss. Simply put, you can't just workout and continue to eat whatever, whenever. What helped was that the success story from the podcast said you had to look at certain foods as "dead." Fried food? Dead. Chocolate cake? Dead. Steamed veg and brown rice? Not dead. 

Now, that was not to say to think all deliciousness as "dead." Be sensible to what you put in your body. Be smart, and be kind to the only body you have. 

I decided to hone in on this concept, and it was really difficult. You see, I love food. Actually, I don't just LOVE food, I LOVE everything about it. Cooking, eating, planning, thinking, trying, just about anything and everything about food. 

So I worked out at home during these two days, and unfortunately I let food win. So, no, the "dead" concept didn't stir this way at all. The concept made sense. It was very do or die decision on each food item, and I wasn't ready to have a cutthroat relationship in food quite just yet. 

I definitely need to get on my A game, however, because I still need to focus on my workout. I;'ve only done one day of the Couch to 5K, Week 2 challenge. Hopefully I do a full workout on Saturday, which is the 13th. 

Day 10: Still Somewhat Lazy