Pho Golden Palace

Pho Golden Palace


Pensacola, FL

I searched for a Vietnamese place to eat while I was in Pensacola. I wasn’t quite sure what Pensacola was famous for when it came to food, I was sure seafood, but I was in the mood for some Asian dishes. There were only a few choices, and the closest one to me was Pho Golden Palace, and I was glad.

Upon entering the small restaurant, I was immediately greeted by a few people, with smiles and excitement. They weren’t busy for a midday Sunday, and when I told them I wanted togo, they were very nice about it. The prices, however, seemed a bit steep and I wasn’t sure if that was the normal prices for Pensacola’s Asian restaurants, or Pho Golden Palace was being unreasonable.

Since I was getting togo, I just wanted to simple rice dish. I was kicking myself for omitting fried food since vermicelli bowls with grilled pork and Vietnamese eggrolls seemed so enticing. I also didn’t want any pho, since I was getting to go and didn’t want to mess with the soup. Finally, I chose C5, the grilled sliced pork rice dish.

It was a huge portion, and I quickly forgave Pho Golden Palace for the high price immediately. I received a huge amount of nicely grilled and seasoned pork, a huge scoop of hot rice, and pickled cabbage and carrots. All the flavors complemented each other so well, and the spicy fish sauce put the crown on the food. It was a perfect meal for craving a great Vietnamese dish. I would definitely return to this place, and most likely won’t mind their high prices since it was quite delicious and a huge portion.