Caprese Salad, Pizza Coloseum

Caprese Salad, Pizza Coloseum



Prague, Czech Republic.

Hungry, tired, we had walked everywhere. I was told Prague may be a bit boring, but our walking tour guide Andrei allowed us into his view of the city into something different. At first I thought he was going to be a cited drone, saying the same rehearsed lines over and over. I was interested in hearing the facts, just not the monotonous tones some of the tour guides could have. Andrei, however, was different. He was sarcastic, funny, and made Prague seem, well, not so boring.

Toward the end of the day, Eddie and I walked back to the Astronomical Clock from the hotel. We sat on the sidewalk and watched the crowd, unlike most people who sat in one of those outdoor cafes and watched the crowd. We couldn’t make a decision where or what we wanted for dinner. After going back and forth from a steak place, a gyro stand, or the pizza place midway back to the hotel, we decided Pizza Coloseum (yes, spelled that way) was the way to go.

We were greeted so nicely when we entered, and opted for a table by the window. We didn’t want to sit out in the front patio with the rail and the people going by, even though it wasn’t such a bad thing. We could see and hear from our table anyway. We tried to say a little German, but the server spoke English so we were relieved. The menu also had English on it, so we were happy there.

Pizza Coloseum had such nice food, great service, and relaxed atmosphere for the both of us. We, of course, ordered too much, and wanted to try even more things. I even thought, hell, if I were to move here, maybe I could work here. They put fried egg on their pizza, for God’s sake. Could this place be anymore for me? Well, okay, I didn’t know if they had Sriracha. I didn’t ask, but I definitely enjoyed the place.