Pensacola, FL

Santino's Pizza and Grinders

Santino's Pizza and Grinders

Yes, I know I should try out a seafood place since I am in Pensacola, FL, but the pizza kept drawing me in. After trying Sky’s Pizza Pie, I searched online for yet another pizza place. Santino’s Pizza and Grinders seemed to be on the top five for pizza places, and since it was quite close to the hotel, I decided to try them out.

First, I didn’t know what grinders were until I saw the menu online. I didn’t know if it were a Florida thing, but I shrugged and thought, “Oh, they’re just sandwiches.” I wanted to try both pizza and grinder, and since I was buying two meals, I got both.

There were a good amount of choices for both pizza and grinders. I ordered the Garlic Chicken Pizza and the Steak Grinder. The pizza, which consisted of chicken breast strips seasoned with their own concoction of garlic butter and seasonings, special blend of white cheeses, large tomato slices, parmesan, and garlic seasoning. To make it even more for a garlic lover like me, the pizza dough was lightly crushed with the garlic butter.The pizza was quite attractive and to say the least, delicious. They advertised that they gave generous amount of cheese on their pizza, and they did not lie. You know that feeling when you sink your teeth in and you can feel the layer of cheese on your pizza? That’s Santino’s.

The steak grinder, on the other hand, was a disappointment. The bread was toasted, and that was the only good thing about it. The lettuce and tomatoes didn’t help much, and there was barely any cheese. That was a surprise, since their pizza had plenty of cheese. The sandwich, in a word, was dry. It was a good size, however, but like I said, the toasted bread was the only good part. Next time I’d just stick with the pizza, not a grinder.