Pensacola, FL

I noticed a small sign by the side of the road with rainbow plastic letters, spelling out NY-style pizza by the slice. I had been in town for a week now for work, and a huge slice of pizza sounded great. I didn’t know much about Pensacola; and it didn’t help when someone at work informed me that the city didn’t have much “mom and pop” places. I looked over at the pizza place, Sky’s Pizza Pie, noticing that it was small. The blinking open sign was definitely drawing me in. At that point, I didn’t care if the place was going to be good, just the idea of a big slice of pizza seemed enough.

The place had 7 tables, with 2 for the outside. When I went in, a couple of tables were waiting for their pizza, and a line out the door followed behind me when I went up to the counter. The girl was cheery as I ordered two slices, one with spinach and fresh garlic, and the other with salami and artichokes. I didn’t see sun-dried tomatoes, otherwise they would have been on both. When I was waiting for the slices, the girl behind the counter was telling a lady that people loved this place and many people enjoyed their pizza. I was definitely excited and ecstatic to try it.

The pizza came out hot, and they were huge slices. It was what I normally expected when a place advertised NY-style pizza. The garlic/spinach one was great and the crust was crispy. The salami/artichokes was also great, but not enough salami; regardless, the meal was good enough to what the girl behind the counter had promised. It wasn’t the best pizza I had, nor did I know any other mom and pop pizza places in Pensacola, but I became a fan.