Hunter's Chicken Stew by Rattaya Nagorski

Rustic was the first thing that came to mind when I read this recipe. Just the title alone already sparked me into thinking about braising meats or roasting a chicken. From Food and Wine magazine, the recipe was focusing on a cooking school/pop up restaurant in France. Out of that I was able to try some of the published recipes. This was fun to make, and the result was worth the time that it took to make this dish.

Click here for the recipe: Hunter's Chicken Stew

Hunter's Chicken Stew

Hunter's Chicken Stew

Pork Chops Romano by Rattaya Nagorski

I love any piccata dish paired with a protein, especially fish. The lemony sauce is so delicious, and after reading this recipe, I think: hey, why not make a similar sauce with pork chops! And to top it off, the chops are breaded and it's pan-fried. Just the title alone can trigger some smiles: pork chops, cheese, lemon, butter...yes!

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Zucchini + Goat Cheese Quiche by Rattaya Nagorski

Wow, this dish is my new obsession! Have you ever made a dish that after you've tried it, you want all your friends and family to also try it? Because it is THAT good? Well, that has been my thinking process after tasting this fabulous dish. First, it's more than just zucchini and goat cheese, but those are the main draw of it. There's ham and a great taste profile for thyme. You can certainly make this dish vegetarian by skipping the ham and add roasted cauliflower or caramelized onions.

Click here for the recipe: Zucchini + Goat Cheese Quiche

Many Berry Pie by Rattaya Nagorski

Many Berry Pie

Many Berry Pie

Summer's coming to a close. Even though I'm in Houston and it's practically summer year-round here, fresh berries are not as fresh and decadent as during the actual summer time. When the blackberries and raspberries went on sale, I was excited to make this pie. You could certainly use frozen berries, however, but why not take advantage of delicious fresh berries right now?

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Very Best Fudge by Rattaya Nagorski

We were hosting bake sales almost every weekend to raise funds for the Walk to End Alzheimer's. Here's one of the recipes I had chosen for the sale, and it is so easy to make. Fudge is typically easy to make anyway, it's the combination of flavors that makes it stand out, but here's a very basic one. It's simply milk chocolate fudge.

Since I haven't cooked or updated this site for a while, I was happy to start with this again because of the bake sales. Nestle's Year Round Recipe recipe binder is where I had taken recipe and it's here to stay!

Click here for the recipe: Very Best Fudge

Lemony White Beans + Broccoli Rabe by Rattaya Nagorski

Little by little, I experimented with beans in savory dishes (still hate them in chili, and I'm in Texas, after all), and there had been a few great recipes. This particular one, from a Williams-Sonoma cookbook called Chicken Night by Kate McMillan, was a good find with delicious flavors, healthy notes, and easy tasks.

I substituted broccolini for the broccoli rabe, and it still came out quite yummy. Just a tiny tip, toward the end, don't overmix the dish because then the beans will come out mushy.

Click here for the recipe: Lemony White Beans + Broccoli Rabe

Melting Roasted Potatoes by Rattaya Nagorski

Yes, you read that right. Melting. Roasted. Potatoes. You know that feeling when you first taste your dish, a bit doubtful, as you feel a bit of heat from the dish to your mouth. Then you would taste it, something quite promising as a great dish, and you would close your eyes, moaned a bit, and your knees gave out slightly. These potatoes would do just that; that was how delicious this was. Yes, that was vivid, and it was truth to the core. These potatoes are most perfect when just out of the oven, and beyond.

Click here for the recipe: Melting Roasted Potatoes

Sweet Potato Casserole by Rattaya Nagorski

Thanksgiving was here, and I only had to cook a few things. One of my favorite side dishes during Thanksgiving was sweet potato casserole, and I was set out to find a great recipe that was easy and traditional. From Pinterest and the site Flavor Mosaic, this recipe did not disappoint. It had everything I was looking for: traditional sweet potato casserole that I knew, and toasty marshmallows that received oohs and ahhs when I opened the oven door. I just hope I remember to make this again when it's not Thanksgiving time!

Click here for the recipe: Sweet Potato Casserole

Cheesy Pull Apart Rolls by Rattaya Nagorski

Easy and delicious, I could eat these rolls every night of the week. And every morning and midday, too. This is a quick prep dish, and it will quickly disappear from the table. Actually, it may not even make it to the table. There are many versions of this pull apart rolls, and you can certainly develop pretty much any taste profile you want.

Click here for the recipe: Cheesy Pull Apart Rolls

Bashed Banana Whoopies by Rattaya Nagorski

I was so excited to make a dessert that I didn't have to go and buy extra ingredients for. Everything was already in my pantry or fridge, and I was glad to put the last 2 very ripe bananas to use. These moist whoopies were big in size, and I could have made them a little thinner, yielding more than the allotted 10 sandwiches. Either way, it was big enough to share, that is, if you wanted to.

Click here for the recipe: Bashed Banana Whoopies

Asparagus Gruyere Tart by Rattaya Nagorski

Delicious and insanely easy to make, this tart looked incredible and tasted incredible. I was excited to see another fun recipe with puff pastry and cheese, similar to Tomato Tartlets, this was another dish that was worth the oven waiting time. Inspired by recipes from Martha Stewart, I got this recipe from the food blog Hip Foodie Mom, she had added the mustard and balsamic glaze to the dish. You could, however, omit those as the balsamic glaze gave it a sweet tang to the bites.

Click here for the recipe: Asparagus Gruyere Tart

Tomato Tartlets by Rattaya Nagorski

You couldn't go wrong having a puff pastry in your recipe. Then, of course, you couldn't go wrong having cheese in your recipe. So when America's Test Kitchen combined those two ingredients together for this recipe, I was ecstatic to make an appetizer that would be a crowd-pleaser. Voila! Because these tomato tarlets were delicious and immediately people asked for more. It was easy to make, and the small list of ingredients was welcomed.

Click here for the recipe: Tomato Tartlets

Chicken + Sun-Dried Tomato Burgers by Rattaya Nagorski

Any recipe from America's Test Kitchen was always delicious and fun to make, and this recipe was no exception. Most chicken burgers came out dry, and tried too much with complex tastes, but this dish came out moist and quite yummy. The short list of ingredient was even more attractive, and I was sure to use challah burger buns. Plus, they instructed us to fry the patty in the sun-dried tomato oil, which elevated the patties just a bit more. I would definitely make this dish again.

Click here for the recipe: Chicken + Sun-Dried Tomato Burgers

Dulce de Leche Cookie Bar by Rattaya Nagorski

Yummy goodness, these cookie bars, and quite easy to make as well. I was glad to find a bottled dulce le leche at the store (near the caramel and chocolate sauces), so I was more inclined to test out this recipe. You could make your own sauce, of course, but this came together even quicker, and you would be closer to the chocolaty goodness.

Click here for the recipe: Dulce de Leche Cookie Bar

Prosciutto-Wrapped Pork Medallions by Rattaya Nagorski

Please click here for the recipe: Prosciutto-Wrapped Pork Medallions

These pork medallions looked scrumptious, even prior to going into the oven. The prosciutto acted like a beautiful gift wrap to a nice piece of pork. To top it off, the recipe included a delicious sauce called fiorentina sauce. The sauce was full of fresh herbs, which I think was the key here, so try to use fresh herbs if you could.

Chicken Baked in Foil by Rattaya Nagorski

Food sealed in packages just sound so wondrous. Even though you were the one who prepared the food, you were the one who put them in the oven, you'd still be so excited to see how it turned out when opening up the package. It was almost like opening a present! This Whole30-friendly was quite easy to make, and delicious as well. Just remember that you have to put the chicken in the fridge for at least an hour before baking.

Click here for the recipe: Chicken Baked in Foil

Fun + Fun Tuna Melt by Rattaya Nagorski

Emeril Lagasse's version of this tuna melt is the creme de la creme of all tuna melts. This was easy to make every single time, and the results were always great. I had made this over and over again, and this time I made it for my mom and our family friend Linda. 

Their taste buds were centered around Thai food (of course), and tuna melts were not usually on the menu of sorts. But I was ecstatic to make these for them, since it was on my top ten recipes that I loved. Results: they loved it. Praises after praises, I was so glad to make them again. 

Click here for the recipe: Fun Tuna Melt