Parmesan Bread Pudding + Broccoli Rabe + Pancetta

Click here for recipe: Parmesan Bread Pudding + Broccoli Rabe + Pancetta 

This dish sounded so appetizing and I was so excited to plunge into it when I choked. Yes, I choked, because of a stupid rookie mistake that I did (not reading the recipe all the way through first) that it came out so salty that we had to throw it away. My heart skipped a bit because (1) I loved any baked egg dishes and (2) some of the ingredients were quite expensive.

I found this recipe from Bon Appetit, April 2013. The broccoli rabe and the pancetta were definitely the star, but you can easily swap those ingredients with baby spinach and bacon. The rabe was $4 a bunch and the pancetta was definitely more than the bacon. I didn't read the recipe through and accidentally doubled the salt in the recipe, and couldn't really recover. I will definitely make it again, because despite the extreme saltiness, I could see the potential of the dish. Oops!


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