Lime Paste is the Enemy

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I got this picture from online...

I got this picture from online...

Most of the thoughts in my head today was, “Lime paste is going to be the death of me.”

A very popular snack in Thailand is the kanom krok, a coconut pudding/pancake hand-held goodie that I’ve always loved to eat while growing up. As a surprise to my family, I wanted to make it for part of our Thanksgiving dinner.

I wrote down the ingredients from a recipe that was in the Thai Street Food book. It called for a few items that I had never heard of: arrowroot flour, rice flour, and lime paste. And even before getting any ingredient, I had to have the pan first. The kanom krok pan was a round cast iron pan, similar to the Danish ebelskiver pan, with deep round divets which will mold the batter into great deliciousness.

The kahom kook pan was nowhere to be found, not at Bed Bath & Beyond, not Williams Sonoma, and not at Sur la Table. Finally we settled on the evelskiver pan at Sur la Table, which took some convincing to the manager that a kanom krok pan actually existed.

We decided to go to Whole Foods for the three oddball ingredients. Rice flour was quite common as we took a while to look for arrowroot flour, in which was in the special diets gluten-free section. Then came the hunt for the lime paste. I didn’t realize it was going to be my new enemy.

Kanom pan.jpg

The young kid at Whole Foods tried to help us look for lime paste, which wasn’t available. They didn’t carry it. We then went to 99 Ranch Market and were sure they would have it. We had a picture of it on my phone, and as many Thai products as I saw there, lime paste was not one of them. The more I researched on my phone as we went down aisle after aisle, the more I was convinced this one ingredient was going to be the enemy. There wasn’t even a recipe for lime paste online. They had dried shrimp paste or tamarind paste, to name a few, but no lime paste? But I already bought the pan. (OK, I hadn't found a kanom kook pan, but an ebelskiver pan instead.)

After coming home and feeling really discouraged, I decided to hunt for other kanom krok recipes. There they were, many different recipes and NONE of them called for lime paste. I stared at the six limes we bought instead, in case we could use it instead of the paste. Next time I see an ingredient with it, I will keep turning the page.

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