Maya Kaimal's Tikka Masala

Maya Kaimal's Tikka Masala

Maya Kaimal's Tikka Masala

I am trying to learn more and more about Indian cuisine. We frequent the local Cafe India for their lunch buffet quite a bit, meaning once a week of marveling over some saag paneer, chicken biryani, tandoori chicken, garlic naan, and the best of the best (in my opinion), chicken tikka masala.

Tikka masala, as I've learned, is usually also referred to as butter chicken. This scrumptious and flavorful curry dish almost fares as well as Matsaman curry that I love to eat at my family's Thai restaurant. But eating out for Indian seems quite expensive most of the time, especially when you have to pay extra for some delicious basmati rice with your curry. Sorry, I can't just eat hot curry with naan. A beautiful marriage is the curry, naan, and basmati rice. 

I picked up a simmering curry sauce by the name of Maya Kaimal's Tikka Masala. There were other types of sauce from this brand as well, such as Madras Curry and Kashmiri Curry, but the tikka masala stood out the most for me. The instructions were also fairly simple, in which was what these types of products usually aimed for: a quick dinner meal to get a little Indian food into your home on a weeknight. 

I cubed two chicken breast halves and sautéed them with some garlic. Near toward the chicken being done I threw in some frozen veggies, to add a little of a heath kick to the meal. Finally I added the tikka masala sauce, adding about 1/2 cup of chicken broth in the jar to loosen and shake the thick curry sauce that hung in the bottom of the jar. After about 30 seconds in the hot pan, the aroma of the tikka masala immediately rose up and hit my nose. It was a beginning of something wonderful. 

This was my first Indian curry sauce buy from a jar, and it did not disappoint. Of course it's not better than the fresh curry from Cafe India, but it's close to it for a quick meal. The basmati rice cooking in the rice cooker fluffed nicely, and the end result was great. I thought maybe the sauce could be a bit more wholesome, but it was great enough for a simmering sauce. Even though we did not get any naan this time, we lingered for it during this meal. So next time, make that beautiful marriage of basmati rice, naan, and curry!

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