Classic Chicken + Wild Rice Hotdish


I've learned that this famous Minnesota-centric dish is like Texas's Frito pie: meaning that it's a dish that only the native understands the home-feel of it and neither person knows what the other dish is. People from Minnesota most likely doesn't know the Texas classic Frito Pie, and we simply are not sure exactly what chicken + wild rice hotdish actually is. 

This recipe, courtesy of Food Network Magazine, October 2013, boasts that this is the one dish that Minnesota can claim their own, and while there are many various versions of this, the reviews online for this particular one are quite decent. Most of these "hotdish" casseroles recipes call for cream-of types of soups to be the bases, but not this one. So I am definitely excited that the ingredients here are actual real dairy ingredients rather than preservatives-in-a-can.

Click here for the recipe: Classic Chicken + Wild Rice Hotdish

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