Luna Pizzeria / by Rattaya Nagorski

Eddie's 34th birthday and he wanted pizza, and we both wanted to try a new place. I came upon Luna Pizzeria through random "where to eat in Houston" searches, and this little quaint place popped up with many good reviews. The menu seemed simple, creative, and fresh and even though it was counter service, many talks of great staff filled the reviews.

We arrived early for a Friday night dinner, fearing there wouldn't be any room for a large party of 9. The place was your typical young and hip decorated pizza joint, but there was a feel of homeyness and a feel of great food awaiting us. We ordered most of what the menu had to offer: Margherita Pizza, Mushroom Pizza, Spicy Andouille, and Pepperoni Pizza. Those were the four out of six specialty pizzas the place had to offer. We started the meal, however, with a large caesar salad (typical tastes like most places), large chopped salad (good by any standards), and probably the best dish of what we had that night, the Arugula and Fennel. I wasn't sure if it were the lemon vinaigrette or the macron almonds, but the lightness and fresh feel of that salad was a winner.

The Mushroom Pizza was my favorite, along with the Pepperoni. Just when you think you can't quite perfect the pepperoni pizza, Luna Pizzeria took care of their ingredients and pride well with their food. The fresh ricotta on the mushroom pizza was something to really brag about and even though the Spicy Andouille could have fared without the jalapeños (don't get me wrong, I love jalapeños), but my goto will always be the Mushroom Pizza now at this place. 

So bottom line: great atmosphere, great food, great price, and great service. Luna fared up well with other players in the pizza arena.