Kimchi-Style Sauteed Cabbage / by Rattaya Nagorski

My lip curled up a bit with this recipe, as it did not do what it was supposed to do. The end result, however, was fantastic. While the fad of kimchi-on-and-in-everything came and gone, it was still a staple in Korean cuisine, and this recipe is a cross between that and great sautéed cabbage. 

This easy side dish called for me to blend some sauces and items together, in which didn't blend well for me. It should have been in the food processor, only for me to realize the dish itself would have been fine without blending it. Mixing it all in a bowl would have suffice. So regardless how you want to make that part of the process, the dish is a definite make-again recipe. 

One thing for sure: great for fish tacos. Instead of the shaved fresh cabbage served in those tacos, use this instead and you would be over the moon. 


Click here for recipe: Kimchi-Style Sauteed Cabbage