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Potato-Egg Salad

Potato-Egg Salad

Potato-Egg Salad

This was all sorts of wrong. Food Network definitely failed on this side dish, but their picture looked quite amazing. It had the potential to be good, but there were too many unnecessary additions that we didn't care for.

If we were to eliminate the mint and the parmesan, the dish would have stood out fine altogether. Those were definitely the afterthoughts, and it brought down the simplicity of the dish. I would leave those off if I ever felt to try this again, which was not likely. But the MAIN issue was the poor direction of the dish, because the eggs did not come out as hard-boiled and that seemed to be the theme to a few online reviews. Many said to cook the eggs separately, which was what I should have done. Either way, easy side dish, just eliminate a few things.

Click here for the recipe: Potato-Egg Salad

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