Chile-Corn Custard Squares

Bon Appetit labeled this as an appetizer, which it can be, but I have served it as a side item to a roasted pork tenderloin. While it was good and easy to make, it was even better as leftovers. If you were to serve it as appetizer, I would recommend cutting it into bite size squares using a small cookie cutter to make them more festive. The only thing was that this took a while to make, even though it was easy, but this was no quick appetizer. (12 min to caramelize the onions, 35 minutes in the oven.)

The minced jalapeño barely added heat, and the dollop of sour cream at the end took away most of the spice. Maybe sprinkle a bit of cajun spice on top?

Click here for recipe: Chile-Corn Custard Squares

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