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Khanom Gui Chai

What is Khanom Gui Chai? Answer: the most delicious thing in the world.

Ok, that may be a little exaggeration or proclamation, but it is in my top five favorite foods in the world. And the funny thing is that the name has nothing to do with what is actually is. "Khanom" means sweet snack in Thai, in which this dish is not at all sweet. It refers more to a snack to make the name appropriate. And no, there's no chai at all, it's just a sound translation.

Khanom Gui Chai

Khanom Gui Chai

Gui Chai is a steamed or pan fried Chinese chive bun, served with a delicious sauce, that happily melts in your mouth. Eating one is like eating only one French fry and be done, which is impossible. Every time I mention it to my family, they giggle and say how easy it is to make. I haven't looked for a recipe for it quite yet, or asked them to teach me how to make it, but I eventually will. In the mean time, I'm savoring each and every single bite since my family makes it about once per year. 

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