Pasta Carbonara / by Rattaya Nagorski

I was so excited to finally try one of Anne Burrell's recipes, specifically from her cookbook Cook Like a Rock Star. I leafed through it so many times and while most of her recipes seemed so intimidating, I wanted to at least make a pasta dish from her. The main ingredients to this dish jumped at me immediately (eggs, bacon, cheese).

The dish was easy to prepare, and really quick once you get the spaghetti done. And even at that, you only had to cook it to al dente. The taste, on the other hand, was not what I was expected. Maybe because I had never had pasta carbonara anywhere before, but while it was good, the taste just got tiring after a few bites. The creaminess of the sauce was quite different, in a good way, and then it stayed that way instead of different pings of flavors . I know this was a quick go-to pasta dish, but it needed something else to balance the boldness. I served this with Southwest Meatballs + Warm Corn Black Bean Salad, but any suggestion to serve it with something else would definitely be welcomed.

Click here for recipe: Pasta Carbonara