Whole 30 Challenge


I had been toying around on starting the Whole30 challenge for a while now, and I figured this was definitely now or never. The idea intrigued me: cutting off most crave-worthy things in our diet, and rebooting our body back to becoming healthy. Also, we would be more energized and focused, and this would come with the bonus of losing weight.

Mind you, I often cringed at the word "diet," so it was nice to read different articles that Whole30 was more of a detox, a cleanse, and just a good look at what foods you put in your own body.

Besides cutting off some foods, one of the challenges would be that I would not step on a scale or take a sneak peek at body measurements. This would be a bit hard at first because I was one of those people who liked immediate results (hence giving up on so many other diets). But I vowed to stick to it (ish), no quick jump on the scale or try some old pants that I kept "just in case."

I'm sure there will be many challenges, and a whole lot of weakness moments. This will be the only time ever that I am glad Taco Cabana isn't next door. So here I am, taking quite a leap, along with a couple of buddies, going to challenge myself with the Whole30 way of eating for the next month. I have been determined to do these types of elimination diets before, and failed horribly and quickly, and I will try it again this time. 

So here are some ground rules for Whole30:

  • No dairy (eek, I have at least six different types of cheese in my fridge right now). The site said I can still use ghee or clarified butter, so at least that's something.
  • No sugar of any kind, real or artificial. This includes maple syrup and honey. (How about the honey I sometimes put in my heathy smoothie? Yeah, gone.)
  • No grains (rice is in my blood and DNA, this will be the biggest challenge)
  • No alcohol, not even for cooking. 
  • No legumes, and this also includes no soy products. I was told to avoid soy products anyway from my condition, so I suppose no tofu!
  • No carrageenan, MSG, or sulfites. Gotta read my labels. (I was excited to buy some apple chips, yeah, sulfites.)

So I'm going to log in my experiences here, along with some recipes, good or bad. Wish me luck!