Day 4 - Weakness Lingers...But Determination Wins

I cheated. Not on food, but on the scale.


One of the rules on doing this challenge is that you do not weight yourself, or doing any sort of body measurements. I have been taking my hypothyroid medicine for some time now, and I weigh myself every morning just to stay somewhat motivated. My weight bounces back and forth between four different numbers, so I never really know what the progress is. The medicine helps stabilize my metabolism, and the numbers have been bopping back and forth for a long time.

So almost out of habit, I stepped on the scale this morning. It was on the the lowest of the four bopping numbers, and it was a slight encouragement. Perhaps it didn't mean anything, perhaps it meant a lot. Maybe it was on the lowest because it was one of those days, or because Whole30 was actually working. I know it'd been three days, but three days without sugar or rice was big for me. 

So even though I was still pining over the lowering excitement of this program, this tiny stunt on the scale was strangely uplifting. I know, "strangely" was a strange (ha ha) word to use, instead of something positive. But I would like to think that I weighed on the lower number simply because it was a lucky day, not a Whole30-is-working day. We will see. 

My weakness was not on wanting to give up, not because I was craving bread or Thai tea, more so on that I wasn't finding Whole30 recipes exciting. This weakness wasn't strong like yesterday's, but it still lingered. The tossing thoughts of quitting or staying on was not as constant as yesterday, due to the reading on that scale this morning. So cheating on the rule a bit by stepping on the scale lessened my weakness, coring my strength and power to stick through this, was what it took, I would step on the scale again.

Here are my meals today:


Scrambled egg whites with mushrooms and spinach, served with avocado slices. I felt like I could eat double this, but I kept myself occupied with Law & Order so I wouldn't make more of it. 


LaraBar (yes, again. They might as well call this the LaraBar, Egg, and Avocado Diet). 2 Bananas. I was HUNGRY!


Leftover pork chops with roasted red potatoes from yesterday. It was a smaller portion, but I had 2 bananas so I felt ok.


We had dinner plans. welcoming a family friend to the US. I suggested the mediterranean buffet again, since I knew I had plenty to eat there. I was glad, since I was starving and I was able to eat a lot. Hopefully I won't be craving like this all the time. 

Onward to Day 5!


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