Day 6 - A New Dish!

But I want Taco Bell! Can I go to Taco Bell?


I still felt bad about last night's dinner, but it was a new day and a new take on the challenge. I was excited to make Spicy Oregano Chicken Stew, a Whole30-friendly dish that I created to break away from salads and banana. It was a nice change!

It was a full day of work, so I couldn't stray too far from being bored and eating everything in sight. I was more determined from the debacle of cheating last night. Even though there were pangs of moments of quitting, today was the least of those feelings. 

I got off work at around 10:15pm and while driving home, I called my husband about dinner. It was extremely late and neither one of us had eaten. It typically was so easy for us before Whole30 to grab Taco Bell or Jack in the Box. With Whole30 in mind, I still asked him.. "But I want Taco Bell! Can I go to Taco Bell?"

"Nope," he said. "You know that. So what are we eating?"

"Please? Taco Bell?!"

"No! How about this soup or stew that you made this morning? We can eat that."

I sighed. "Fine. And I'll fry some eggs."

Day 5 - Guilty Mind, Guilty Tummy

I lasted 7 days...