Day 1 - Doubtful, But Determined

First thought: Am I really doing this, and please God, let me following through with something in my life.

This challenge was starting out much more fun than I thought, especially when a couple of friends signed up as well. We discussed food challenges, punishments, and recipes. We even vowed to text each other our meals (every single one of them) just to motivate each other. Somewhere on my mind, I thought that if this were some sort of a race, I would certainly be more inclined to stick to this challenge. Then I reminded myself that my will power on sticking to these food-related diets or cleanse had always failed. But hopefully not this time, I am determined!

So first day went by and it was actually quite fun. I actually cared to read labels, and patted myself on the back when I quickly put things down. I probably stood at the Power Bars section at the grocery store for a good half an hour, reading labels, scolding at anything that said brown sugar syrup (which were most), and started to understand why LaraBars were truly the only ones approved. A part of me wanted to find a new brand that would also be approved and litter Pinterest with my new findings. Nope, not the case. I had never been a power bars chick, but hey, this was a new chapter and challenge, so LaraBars became my best friend. 

So here's my first day breakdown:

Mi Pueblito Restaurant

Mi Pueblito Restaurant


1 Banana, 1 LaraBar (Cashew Cookie: ingredients were cashews and dates).


A small salad consisting of one whole boiled egg, bacon, fresh mushrooms, sliced almonds, carrots, olive oil, salt, and pepper. 


1 Banana. (Yes, another one. Cheap and yummy.)


Mi Pueblito Restaurant: I ate sausage, fried egg, small grilled flank steak, avocado, fried plantains, and a small salad with herby dressing. 

My stomach was growling like an angry monster between my thoughtful snack and humongous dinner. I actually demanded dinner around 5:30pm and Eddie thought that was a little weird.

Someone please tell me I won't be so focused on this growling monster all the time!

We had dinner plans, and I felt a bit sorry for my server because I changed most of the dish. We were at a Colombian restaurant and I had to forgo rice and beans (switched to salad with their homemade citrus dressing that I was reassured there was no sugar), took out the corn patty (never liked it anyway), and that the fried plantains were simply that: fried, and nothing added. I was bit hasty to eat it, though, because I didn't want to keep pestering on what kind of frying oil they used, so I figured let's let that one go. So as far as the dinner picture goes, it seemed a huge amount of food, but I stuck to the rules! 

Onward to Day 2!



Day 2 - When can I have a cheat day?