Day 3 - Excitement Slowly Fizzing

Does it have to be Whole30? How about Whole5?

I was driving home from work, thinking about food, of course. This time was more about what could and should I eat for dinner, as well as for the next few meals. I didn't want to end up hating salads, and I sure didn't want to end up hating meat. Then I remembered I saw someone's note on Pinterest and she'd typed in Whole3. Not Whole 30? Was it a typo? Was it something I can amend, wanting to only do a week, a few weeks, or just a few days? 

I could do Whole5. Hell, I was on Day 3. 

Then I remembered how many times I'd failed doing different elimination diets, and none of them had lasted more than two weeks. The furthest I did was not eating meat before 4pm (incorporating more vegetables), and that lasted about two weeks, even though I ended up eating more bread. 

So I powered on mentally, that I could keep going.

So here are my meal attacks for the day:


Roasted, salted nut mixture (almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts) and fruit. The Fresh Market preps these fruit sticks in little cups ($1.99) and it's a perfect portion.


Boiled egg, lettuce, bacon, roasted pork.


LaraBar, banana

Second snack:

Yes, second snack. I was feeling down, so I ate some leftover salmon and brussel sprouts + mushrooms from yesterday. It wasn't too much, but it helped me eat a smaller portion of dinner.


Pan-seared pork chops, sauteed onions, fried egg, and roasted red potatoes. I know the egg didn't really fit with the meal, but it was made for my mom and it looked too delicious to pass up, especially when it was simply eggs, salt, pepper, and yellow onions. 

Onward to Day 4!

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