Day 2 - When can I have a cheat day?

One of the texts early on in the day that I sent my two other Whole30 buddies: When can I have a cheat day?

Yes, only the second day and I was contemplating (not too hard) of already moving this challenge to next week instead of now. It's Saturday, I was off work, and the nearby Mediterranean buffet sounded so good. The fresh baked pita, dipped in hummus, and let's not forget the spinach pastry that would do so well with the garlic sauce that I smothered with chile sauce. 

Mediterranean Buffet

Mediterranean Buffet

Baked, then pan seared seasoned salmon and Brussel Sprouts + Mushrooms

Baked, then pan seared seasoned salmon and Brussel Sprouts + Mushrooms

But lo and behold, I went through the buffet with veggies, green lettuce, fresh tomatoes, beef kafta, and pork stewed with tomatoes (I was reassured they did not use sugar). I stared at the spinach pastry for two seconds, probably shed a tear, and remembered why the heck I was doing all of this. Bear with me, everyone!

Today was also going to be the day that I would meal plan for the next few days. Trader Joe's was out of plantain chips ("They are so popular, so we're totally out!"), so there went the Plaintain Nachos recipe I found on Pinterest. I couldn't find ghee, and I was too lazy to go to Kroger, HEB, or The Fresh Market. I know that The Fresh Market definitely had it, but it was quite a drive. I sort of had fun reading all the labels, shed a tear over at the bagel section, and we came out with a few Whole30-focused meals for the next few days. 

Here's my grub today:


Mediterranean buffet, consisting of steamed zucchini, grilled eggplant, green lettuce, fresh tomatoes, beef kafta (minced beef with spices), grilled onions, and shredded pork stewed with tomatoes. And unsweet tea, of course. Tea is ok, right?


A banana.


Baked, then pan seared salmon with spices, and Brussel Sprouts + Mushrooms. And plenty of water during dinner. I should have drank more water throughout the day, though!

Onward to Day 3!

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