I enjoy a great burger just as much as the next person. What’s even more exciting is a chance to try a new burger place, especially a small local place. My brother, Ed, lives in Austin, TX, and he definitely knows his local scene. Wholly Cow Burgers has become the spotlight restaurant for this trip, and I’m quite ecstatic.

Wholly Cow sits at the corner of Congress and 7th St. The place is small, homey, and feels like your typical Austinite semi-hippie burger place. ***I LEARNED THAT THIS LOCATION HAS CLOSED, but they are still operating on S Lamar.*** And of course, it advertises that it serves local grass fed beef and even has a paleo-focus dish. Calling it The Fit Cross, the dish doesn't use the great Hawaiian rolls like the burgers, it has grilled portobello mushrooms as the buns; quite clever for the paleo fad.

Wholly Cow has that laid back, great food, let’s just hang out kind of place. The menu offers a good amount of selections, and it’s been filled with greats like The Almighty Reuben or the Hellfire Cajun Chicken Sandwich. It is only fitting to go all out in whatever they have to offer.

This is a photo I got from their website. Not my photo at all!

This is a photo I got from their website. Not my photo at all!

I opted for the Wholly Cheesesteak Batman!, made it “trashy” through the recommendation of the guy behind the counter. “Trashy” was equivalent to adding a mixture of portobello mushrooms, jalapenos, and sweet roasted red peppers to any sandwich or burger.

This was probably one of the best cheesesteaks I have ever had. The cheesy goodness earned nothing less than delicious, and I was glad I made it “trashy.” The jalapenos gave it a kick that pierced through the cheese. The fries were crisp and had great taste. And to top it all off, the prices were reasonable. Actually, the prices were cheap, considering the quality of the meats and the quickness of the food. Last but not least, the service was also great.

Wholly Cow tops my list as one of the best burger places. It’s not quite up there with Houston’s Lankford’s or Burger Guys, but Wholly Cow goes on the wall of fame. Sorry there are no pictures, but I plan on returning so I will post many pictures then. In the mean time, check out their menu at Wholly Cow.

Moving onward to another local place!